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Versatile and strong model designed for any urban location

The Barcelona 70 L City litter bin is manufactured from perforated 1.5mm sheet steel, reinforced with two 30x15x1.5mm oval profile tubes on the top and bottom sections and latch lock on the side.

It has a basket with a manually operated pivot system via a clamp. The unit returns to its original position after emptying. The litter bin has a special lock with a triangular key to ensure the basket can only be removed by maintenance workers.

It is attached to the ground by two base plates welded to the legs. The plates have two 12mm holes for bolting the structure into the ground using universal expanding anchors or M10x80mm bolts.

All metal parts are galvanised to prevent corrosion.

The Barcelona 70 L City comes in iron oxide grey as standard and its body can be customised with die casting.



  • A > 495 mm
  • B > 758 mm
  • C > 958 mm
  • D > 420 mm
  • E > 517 mm
  • F > 240 mm
  • G > 530 mm
  • H > 450 mm


70 l


958 mm


545 mm


Equipment for all needs

  • Customisable


    On body and lid with sticker, thermal transfer or screen printed.

  • Anti-rust treatment

    Anti-rust treatment

    All metal elements are treated using cataphoresis.

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Smooth surface for easy cleaning.

  • Easy assembly

    Easy assembly

    Easy assembly product.

  • Easy maintenance

    Easy maintenance

    Low-maintenance, smooth surface to prevent the build-up of dirt and make cleaning easier.

  • Easy to empty

    Easy to empty

    Ergonomic large front area for easier emptying.


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