The way we handle and manage waste in towns and cities is ever more important to the public and local authorities, and proof of this is our recent installation of Underground Refuse Systems (URS) solutions at three different locations across the UK.

Optimal use of space and design were two key factors in the three projects, for which reason our CONTENUR experts proposed URS as the most suitable solution.

URS is the best solution because they are designed to guarantee efficient collection, public safety and hygiene, as they are very easy to clean. Their design also allows great integration with the townscape, as they are intended to hold a high volume of waste while taking up as little street space as possible.

Like to learn more about our recent installation of URS in the UK?

Edinburgh University has pioneered the largest installation of hydraulic of URS systems in Europe at their Holyrood student accommodation campus.

ASN students coming under North Ayrshire District Council (NADC) have also benefited from URS installed on their campus, helping mitigate the space restrictions experienced previously.

And finally, Vastint UK (part of the IKEA group) has installed URS in East London for its Sugarhouse Island project, in which maintaining design and modernity were key aspects in the deployment.

These three rollouts have been an unprecedented success story for CONTENUR UK, providing the most viable and practical solution to the challenges of waste storage and collection.

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