Liverpool City Council hopes to solve all its problems associated with the waste deposited in the street, such as vermin and unpleasant smells, by installing large underground containers manufactured by CONTENUR.

Waste in black rubbish bags has been identified as one of the factors that cause the city’s rubbish problem to be three times the national average. “Installing these new large containers will have an immediate and major effect on the cleanliness of our streets, which will amount to environmental and economic benefits for all”, states Joanne Anderson, Mayor of the City of Liverpool.

To quote Councillor Abdul Qadir, member of the Residents’ Association “as Liverpool has a large number of terraced houses especially in the east and centre of the city, recycling using black bags is the only option for thousands of families”. Therefore, it has become necessary to come up with a solution that will overcome not only the problems arising from collection but also those involving the territorial restrictions imposed by those zones.

Underground containers are the option selected by the City Council to put an end to this local problem, that prompts hundreds of people to complain every week and demand that additional cleaning resources are implemented.

Joanne Anderson, Mayor of the City of Liverpool and political lead for Waste Management in the region, has stated that she wants “Liverpool to be a rubbish- and waste-free city” and that “these new containers will make a big difference to the quality of life of thousands of families who live in the city centre”.

The aim of this new collection system is to drastically reduce the dumping of black rubbish bags in the street and prevent the health problems and the poor image that this gives the city.

The installation of the large-capacity underground containers will commence in August, and it is planned to trial them in 12 pilot locations in the most densely-populated areas, with a view to expanding the trial City-wide further post a successful trial.

The underground containers that are going to be supplied come in different sizes, the largest having a capacity of 5,000 litres, which is equivalent to the waste generated by 20 homes in one week.

CONTENUR’s Kheops disposal columns have a modern design and are manufactured in steel to withstand a tough life in the public realm engineered to last a lifetime. The bins are equipped with fill level monitoring that tells the Council when it needs emptying and predicts in advance when the next empty is due and can automatically add this to the route of the service crew. The emptying process lasts no longer than 10 minutes per bin.

These underground containers can be easily accessed by people with physical disabilities and, all units are equipped with a foot pedal to make them easier to open.

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