CONTENUR, specialises in designing, manufacturing and commercialising comprehensive solutions for urban waste containers, which improve the quality of life, sustainability and the way cities look.

CONTENUR is the market leader because, for more than 35 years, it has been opting for innovation and quality not only regarding its products and processes, but also because its international development has meant that the company is now active in over 50 countries.

CONTENUR strives to improve itself in many areas, including the three foundations the firm is based on: boosting sustainability, developing responsible and affordable products and supporting and bringing out the talent in people.

Its latest CSR 2021 Report presents a clear plan looking towards a sustainable future, developed in collaboration with customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees.

According to Íñigo Querejeta, CEO at CONTENUR, “2021 was a complicated year for industry in general. In CONTENUR’s case, our market has recovered and resumed normal activity. However, we also suffered several waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, hitherto unknown rises in the cost of raw materials, energy and haulage, as well as many supply chain difficulties

In the economic area, our turnover returned to the 2019 figures, although our profits were considerably affected by the above-mentioned difficulties. Despite this, we made all the investments contained in our Business Plan, the great highlight being the completion of our investment in constructing and commissioning the new plant in Knowsley (UK).

In the social area, apart from guaranteeing a secure work environment, we launched new initiatives aimed at improving head hunting and developing internal talent, as well as improving innovation and diversity.

In 2021, in the environmental area, the most outstanding aspect was the increase in the number of Circle® operations and the use of recycled material”.

In 2022, and regardless of the impact that the turbulent geopolitical situation might have on CONTENUR’S operations, the company will concentrate its efforts on reaping the rewards of its recently-made investments.

At the same time, it will be giving a boost to the environmental dimension, and will certify its circular economic strategy.

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