For 22 years, CONTENUR UK has been at the forefront of the UK waste and recycling industry and is now the leading supplier of commercial waste & recycling containers to a diverse range of markets. To complement our proud history, we are now moving to the next phase of our investment program by building a brand new, highly efficient production plant in the North West of England.

Since our inception in 1998, CONTENUR has consistently made significant contributions to the UK waste and recycling container sector. Working closely with our partners we have led the way with innovative and creative product solutions in a fast-moving industry.

Building on our strong reputation for high quality durable containers, CONTENUR UK is investing heavily in new equipment to enable us to bring superb new products alongside our current range to the UK market. We will also be investing in people, underpinning our commitment to the local economy and demonstrating our deep commitment to providing a stable, vibrant workspace for local communities. Our business is founded and continues to grow on the strength of our people.

One of the key reasons for investment in the UK is to offer greater choice, product flexibility and value to one of our most significant markets.

Closing the loop